I Am

I humbly welcome you to my slice of the vast cyber universe. I identify as a crafter and a thinker. My thinking informs my crafting, and my crafting reflects my thinking, and my blogs are a way to share those two parts as an extension of me. It really is a cyclical relationship. 

I would like to believe I am truly cynical, but mostly I am just a hopeless romantic with a hard head and wandering mind. Crafting keeps me grounded and seems to be the only thing that gives me true focus and end results. I am trying to apply my crafting mind to other aspects of my life, hopefully one day, I will find myself there.

I am haphazard and often logic escapes me. I always plan, and never fail to indulge in distractions and fascinations that lead me in new directions. So as a result I have done many things, been in different places and met and fell for different people who have contributed greatly to my person. 

I am human (but have always wished I was a bad ass black android from space) and I have emotions. I am learning to embrace my emotions as beautifully coloured individual pieces of confetti that create a glittery mosaic of all that is me. 

I hate the smell of toast, I put peanut butter on my bananas, in my past life I believe I was a soca queen, I used to be afraid of the toilet tank, I dance in front of the mirror at least twice a day, I am soft spoken and I make a point not to give one-armed hugs. 

Warm smiles :)
Tuly Maimouna

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