Acts of Kindness! (AoK!)

Acts of Kindness (AoK!) hearts represent spreading love, and giving props to those who deserve it.  A friend and I started AoK! to use our crafting abilities for good...instead of evil! We want to acknowledge and recognize the people that make our lives as wonderful as they are! But who cares? We do! Whether these acts be big, small, random or intentional we should never be surprised when someone is kind to us or others! We are all humans after all! 

How it works
1) You get a <3
2) You give your <3 to someone who has committed an AoK!
3) Take a picture of the person with the <3 
4) Post it of Facebook and big up the person and their deed!

Aside from just giving out crochet hearts and love, in the summer of 2013 we AoK! ladies decided to start hosting crochet picnics as a way of connecting with the community in a fun and more importantly free way! Instead of financial compensation, waccept all forms of skill sharing. What is skill sharing you ask? Well, whatever talent, skill or knowledge you have, share it with us in exchange for some crochet lessons! It is a warmly welcomed and encouraged way of paying it forward! We all have different forms of knowledge and vastly different experiences and we AoK! ladies recognize, value and appreciate that. So share your talent and we'll share ours!

We started these picnics because the sad thing about living in a huge metropolitan city is that seldom do you get the chance to sit down and interact with the anyone, it's a bit ironic how easy it is to feel isolated and alone in a city of roughly 2.8 million people. So as an Acts of Kindness (AoK!) initiative we decided it was high time to break down the bizzare social interactions and norms found in the city and open ourselves up to meeting new people through skill sharing. We are using crochet as tool to not only network, but as a means of spreading a little love...which we love to do! We also facilitate crochet picnics in schools, privately and in any other space we are welcomed into! Want to book a crochet picnic or just want some more information? Don't be shy, feel free to contact us! Facebook:

our mystical heart tree

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