Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Niaje: What's up fall?

I was once asked what makes me feel sexy. You know in the summer time when the sun is shining on you and you get that warming sensation? That is precisely when I feel my sexiest. That warming sensation puts me in tune with my skin getting its luscious sun baked brown tint that gives me a sensual glow. I absolutely love it! So the end of August has to be the saddest time of the year for me. Having to temporarily say goodbye to the tube tops, dresses, flowing skirts and sexy sunshine hurts. While not as sensual as summer, I must admit that I do adore the flavour of fall! The colours, the layers and everything else that comes with it has a certain swag that is sexy in its own way. 

I have been steadily working against the disappearance of summer to complete my fall swag and I have come up with a simple quadra-purpose (is that a word?) scarf I am really amped to wear! This pink, %100 wool, 120" x 10" shell stitch scarf is long enough to be wrapped in multiple ways to face the harsh and temperamental forecasts of fall and winter. So kwaheri majira ya joto in kiswahili means 'goodbye summer', but I'll be saying niaje which in sheng (Nairobi slang) means 'whats up' to a new kind of sexy come fall! In my own fashion I had to add some additional floral flavour for originalities sake, peep the pics below!

1. A regular scarf 
2. A hood
3. An infinity Scarf
4. A shawl

When saying goodbye to something old, we will inevitably have to say hello or niaje to something new! So my way of coping with the loss of summer is making something that will get me excited about, and feeling sexy in the new season! 

Smiles :)
Tuly Maimouna

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Shags: Ode to a Village Bar

Bamboo Bead Necklace

Ever since I was young I always wanted to have one of those bead curtains. I think they are absolutely tantalizing! About five months ago my friend and I came across them and it was like a childhood dream come true! I snatched one up and hurried home to hang it up. When my mom saw it she said dryly with a look of distaste 'it reminds me of something you'd find in an old village bar' Dreams crushed I took it down and lay it to rest...until recently. I decided that if I couldn't hang it lavishly in my doorway I would hang it from my neck. I hesitantly cut off the beautifully strung beads and made an array of necklaces and earrings, and this is one of the many final products! As an ode to a lost childhood dream and some old village bar charm, I have appropriately called this necklace shags which is the slang word for 'village' in my mother tongue of Gikuyu. 

Now I get to carry a little bit of childhood fancy with me!

Smiles :)
Tuly Maimouna

Monday, 12 August 2013

Out My Mind Just in Time: Block-o-Rama!

I've been losing my mind in the past couple of weeks trying to sort out the pieces of my life, but who needs a mind anyway it slows you down! Now, I'm back and I'm busy! I'll start off by saying that I can name few things better than community engagement, a $1 BBQ, performances and crochet! One part of my life has been around trying to get ready for this event coming up in Torontos own Regent Park! If you are free this weekend Saturday August 17th and in the neighbourhood, you should definitely check out Regents Parks annual block party Block-o-Rama! The event this year is titled "Own the Block", why you ask? Amidst the massive revitalization project happening in the area, this youth lead and organized initiative serves to reclaim and own space in the community. I have been blessed with the privilege of being welcomed to be a part of this community initiative and I am so so amped! I'll be selling some goodies and will be hosting a free and always fly crochet picnic with my girl Crafty Chas. So seriously come check it out and see how we do what we do!

Who? Performers, vendors, myself, you & your friends
What? A Block party!
Where? Daniels Spectrum @ Regent Park
When? Saturday August 17th 2013
Why? Why not?

Smiles :)
Tuly Maimouna