Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Daraja [Dah-Rah-jah]

Pendant and Earrings
Materials: Bamboo beads
Size: o/s

When I was about 8 my aunt bought me this Jazzy Jewelry kit. It was this box filled with beads and attachments for making earnings, bracelets and what have you. At the time I was thoroughly unimpressed, but smiled in false appreciation none the less. Now check me out!

Smiles :)

Tuly Maimouna

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Peep: Crafty Chas!


I have to do a quick show out to my girl who is making some real fly stuff! I can never stress enough how your hook can take you as far as your imagination! Forget shopping, make something perfectly tailored to your body and flavour!

Smiles :)

Tuly Maimouna

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Artducation: Crochet condom cases!

Crochet Condom Case
I remember once being told that if someone can't afford to buy condoms they probably shouldn't be having sex. While I am neither for or against that comment as we are all entitled to have the kind of sex we enjoy, I do believe that being able to negotiate condom use gives room to fairly evaluate and assess what kinds of risks we take or do not take with our body. I see condoms as tool to providing choice and sexual agency, meaning you can decided what kind of sex you want to have or do not want to have.

I have only recently come to realize and appreciate that being brought up in a informative environment has heavily informed the sexual decisions I make and the risks I take. My mother is and always has been open to talking about any questions I had about sex and sexual health. To this day she still provides me with information to questions I have not even thought to ask. I never had that "awkward" sex talk because she was never awkward about it. She was always willing to address issues and frame them in a way without shame...this is really a privilege afforded to me! So sex in my mind is a very healthy, normal and well enjoyable aspect of life. I can not stress that enough!

So why crochet condom cases? They came about as an arts based workshop some peers and I facilitate in communities of colour,  where we talk about sexual health and HIV/AIDS. They are so much fun...I get paid to talk about sex!  We do not entourage people to have sex, we create spaces where youth get to talk about sex in a positive and safe way to be able to answer any questions people have and challenge any misconceptions or negative perceptions. Participants get to decorate the pre-made cases how ever they want while engaging in conversations and discussions around sexual health and HIV/AIDS. Its artducation (art education)! Mine is really extra cause I just do it like that, but they can be as modest or flamboyant as you'd like :)

Choices should be linked to personal preferences, so whether you have sex or not why not be prepared with information and resources to be able to exercise choice in a way that is comfortable for you? Sex is not always planned and sadly not always consensual, but whether you're carrying condoms for your own use, a friends or even a total stranger condoms often open a dialogue that help us in negotiating and analyzing our position in sexual experiences and inform our decisions. I also have to say that not everyone has that ability, space, support systems or comfort level to have these kinds of conversations. So we have to start thinking about what prevents these conversations from happening in our respective communities. Furthermore, we need to think of how can we use these conversations to work collectively to challenge silence, and empower our communities.

All of our desires, sexual appetites, and lived realities vary, therefore I can never tell someone that they have to use condoms, but I can provide you with all the information, positive and negative, that you need to come to that decision on your own.

FYI: Never store condoms in your pocket, wallet or purse as over time the friction deteriorates the latex (that's why the cases are so great!)

Smiles :)

Tuly Maimouna

Friday, 15 March 2013


CHAVU [Cha-voo]
Mesh t-shirt

material: 100% wool size: o/s
Stitch: Solomons' Knot

I had initially intened for this to be a scarf and it was turning out all wrong, but it turned into an oh so right t-shirt! I love showing some skin in the summer time and thought this would be perfect. Might mess with the tan, but doesn't fashion always call for sacrifice?

Smiles :)

Tuly Maimouna

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

R&S: Brown Sugar & Honey Skin Care!

One thing that I have to state is that having no money really forces you to be innovative in the ways you approach different aspects of your life, for example: I normally drive to school, BUT since parking is really expensive I park at a friends house and walk or Rollerblade 3km to and from school everyday. You have to look at the positive side here, I am forced to do exercise I would otherwise never do. Health benefits! So I started to think..."humm, how else can I apply this?" I came to the conclusion that whether you are refurbishing some old jewelry or reworking some old clothes recycling and saving can really be a beneficial holistic approach to bettering yourself how ever you feel fit doing so.

Now to the point! It is still winter...and my skin has been getting real dry which is terribly unflattering....and far from cute! So how did I deal with this? Well first I hit up the dollar store! Any dollar store can EASILY be your best friend if you give it a chance, or any bargain or family discount store to be honest. You can find everything at a fraction of the price! All I needed was two all natural ingredients to make...

The Brown Sugar and Honey Exfoliating Scrub!


4 Tablespoons of brown sugar
2 tablespoons of Honey

1. Measure out and mix the brown sugar & honey together in a small bowl
2. You want a thick and hard consistency (NOT liquid)
3. Hit the shower
4. Wet skin
5. Exfoliate
6. Rinse

What's great about brown sugar is that it has larger granules than white sugar so it makes a great exfoliant! Additionally I spend under $4. Plus I feel real sexy when I say "Yeah I just rubbed myself down with brown sugar and honey" Hehe. Personally I only use oils as a moisturiser, specifically a mix of; olive, Castor, almond, & grapeseed oils with glycerin. But whatever moisturiser you use stick with it if it works for you, but after the scrub I promise your skin will be feeling and looking as luscious as butter! I do it once every week or two cause like on your face, you don't want to over exfoliate. Summer is almost here and I can't be rocking ashy cobble stone skin when that time comes!

FYI: If you choose to use this mix on your face be careful and rub gently!

Tuly Maimouna