Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Broke? R&S!

     I've been thinking about this idea that the way you start your year dictates the following events throughout the course of the year. Does that include being broke? Almost two months into the year, my bank account still isn't saying much, and the dent I made in my savings running all over the world is still very real. I swear every time I open or close my wallet I hear an echo...therefore, my swahili phrase of the year thus far has been 'Ah la! Mimi sina pesa!' meaning 'Oh gosh! I don`t have any money!' So I've resolved as a means of saving and decreasing debt, to not spend a single cent (Can I say that? Canada stopped producing cents Feb. 4th of this year) on buying clothes, shoes or jewelry. Now I know you're asking, 'Guuurrrrllll how you gonna do that?' Easy!
Broke+Imagination = Recycle & Save
     So here is what happened, my favourite faux gold earrings started to rust (LOL) so I had to get rid of them, right? So wrong! Coupled with being too broke to afford a new pair I decided to make entirely new ones! It is a really simple do it yourself project (DIY) or what I like to call recycle and save (R&S) project.

1. Hoop earrings
2. Cloth of choice (I used Kente)
3. Hemp string (Optional)
4. Hot glue gun OR crazy glue

Cut a length of cloth long enough to wrap around the entire hoop
2. Dab a wee bit of glue on the hoop (near the backing of the earring), press and hold the end of the cloth there and ensure it sticks!
3. Begin to wrap the length of cloth around the hoop (If you are using cloth with a pattern remember to make sure you are wrapping it in a way the the pattern is visible!)
4. Once you get to the other end of the hoop, again, dab a bit of glue on the end, press and hold the cloth and ensure it sticks!
5. Wear and look fly
Optional: If you choose to use hemp as i did follow the exact same procedure

     Remember to be creative and make em as extraordinary as you like! Add beads, things that dangle...whatever! Then you can be as obnoxious as you'd like when someone asks you where you got em from! Who cares? Well think of it this way;
 1. You saved your wallet about $10,
2. You (to a very small degree) reduced your ecological footprint by recycling
3. You now have your own customized jewelry
4. You saved your wallet about $10!!!

So whether you're broke (like me) or you're simply looking for some new swag remember, anything can be an R&S project you just have to add some imaginative flavour.

My R&S Hoop Earrings

Happy crafting & saving!
Smiles :)

Tuly Maimouna

Friday, 8 February 2013

Acts of Kindness (AoK!)

Back after along pause! I learned wood work, then went to the other side of the world and back. 2012 was a year of self realization, new connections and bountiful learning! A midst all of this I came to appreciate how none of anything I did would have been possible without the support of countless individuals...but is it possible to share the kindness of others so graciously bestowed upon you with others? Of Course!

AoK! <3s

A friend and I started Acts of Kindness (AoK!) to use our crafting abilities for good...instead of evil! We want to acknowledge and recognize the people that make our lives as wonderful as they are! But who cares? We do! Whether these acts be big, small, random or intentional we should never be surprised when someone is kind to us or others! We are all humans after all! 

Acts of Kindness (AoK!) hearts represent spreading love, and giving props to those who deserve it. 

How it works
1) You get a <3
2) You give your <3 to someone who has committed an AoK!
3) Take a picture of the person with the <3 
4) Post it of Facebook and big up the person and their deed!

Check it out at:

Smiles :)

Tuly Maimouna